Beatrijs Rümke
Utrecht 1993

2016-2019 HKU Fine art
2012-2017 HKU Fine art and design in education

Beatrijs Rümke’s approach to art is that of the writer, poet and wanderer. The artist collects little objects and materials during long walks, which she combines with her poertry and prose in spatial arrangements.
Rümke is interested in exploring relationships between language and things. Her approach brings to mind Ursula Le Guin’s essay ‘Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction’. The science fiction writer states that. “the natural. proper, fitting shape of the novel might be that of a sack, a bag.”
In one of her works the artist poetically indexes time by writing out the names of all the days, months and years she had been alive. It takes her a minute to write down a week, and an hour for a year, reducing her entire lige to the representation of twenty-four hours on paper. The gesture of writing down all the days of her life has resulted in a sack-filling installation, introducing another dimension of time; the time it takes to read it all.

Text by Yoeri Guépin, based on a studio visit, 2019